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Digital Transformation is key for any organization that wants to deliver great value for its customers.

It is a foundational change to the cultural, strategy and operation of an organization, through the integration of digital technologies, process automation, and new competencies across all functions. 

In practice, customer experience optimization and operational efficiency are often the key goals of a digital transformation. However, before getting there, it is fondamental for DT to address common challenges, like legacy systems, disconnected processes and business-tech misalignements.  



Lean and Agile governance models are at the heart of everything that we do. 

Implementing Lean and Agile principles will help you tackle customer experience challenges and increase operational efficiency.

We provided training and implementation services of Lean-Startup, SAFe, Agile Scrum, Lean Six Sigma


Get teams onsite and offshore for your application development and support needs.

We do Project Management - UX and UI design - Web / Mobile development - App support (L1-L3).

We can work with you to define the right balance of proximity ressources (onsite) and offshored activities, for an optimal cost-performance-quality balance.



Would you like to launch new products? Do it, but don't spend big bugs upfront. 

An MVP (minimum viable product) is a light featured but fully functional version of your future product. It is the best way to start with very little risk and build an Agile product development life cycle from there. 

We can help you lock-in the scope for your MVP and build it in weeks, not months. Contact us for more details


Whether it is a consulting assignment or a product build, we first sit with you to clearly define your vision and your objectives.

We then translate those into tasks and actions, and use agile and lean project management models to create value back to you from the early stages of the project.


We deliver your projects in an Agile and Iterative way, using deployment models like Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, Lean-Start.

We onboard future users early,  which secures a seamless adoption and helps us deliver a fit to purpose product / service.

We provide coaching and training on any new methodologies that we introduce, to ensure that your teams and the users are onboard.


We are a long term partner and we will continue to assist you post-projects.

We support you on an ongoing basis to ensure that any major changes/ transformations that you have implemented are maintained over time.

We support you throughout your product life cycles by helping you pivot at any time, and offering the right resources at the right time.

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